Concept Artist General Requirements

Critical Requirements:

A knowledge of natural color and light -1

Ability to quickly blockmesh in 3D and light in mental ray, -2

Proficiency in finding the right photos and blending them into concepts -3

A great eye for classy simple compositions -4

A unique perspective and desire to push ideas further -5

And most importantly an extreme attention to polish and PHOTO REAL finish -6

Please send ONE sample of your best quality work and a link to your website to:

Please reduce the file size to less than a 1 meg, We get the idea without seeing every pixel.  Look at the work on this site and on other sites such as, We are looking for people at all levels but a professional level finish and knowing all the tricks and techniques of modern concepting are critically important. See the TUTORIALS tab for instructional videos. Both full time and part time concept artists are needed and the hours are flexible. Pay will be competitive and based entirely on quality of work. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry 10 years or or 10 hours, your quality of work judged against the below images is what will determine your rate.

The clients we work with are the top in the industry. The bar could not be any higher but at the same time someone with potential and a good attitude will always be considered! Look forward to hearing from you!


What We’re Looking For | Dos and Don'ts

There is a lot of grey area in terms of what is considered “quality” because a lot of judgement about concept art has to do with taste and techniques. Below is a comparison of images that tries to help answer those questions and in every case both versions are done by the same artist so know that anyone can get better!


Island Approach | NO

A classic example of 5 year old mushy painting techniques – 1
unsexy soft shapes and soft edges – 2
No photo bashing to help create textures but sloppy hand painting – 3
No 3-D model to help with complicated plane shape – 4
Clouds not referenced but just “made up” (actual clouds way cooler) – 5
Idea and composition has promise, but execution is amateur – 6


YES | Alien Swamp Plateau

1 – Brushwork is hidden and mixed with photos, textures carefully placed.
2 – Lighting is subtle and not overly saturated, feels more photographic.
3 – A variety of textures, and the most detail around the focal point (the guy)
4 – Edges are crisp and controlled. Soft edges and fog are carefully placed.
5 – Lots of unique ideas that could not be found in any one picture or image.
6 – Some sense of action or narrative.


Point Dume | NO

LOOSE ISN’T BAD!… but this is bad. – 1
Boulders are all similar shapes with lumpy clumsy brushwork – 2
Light shape on the main cliff soft and un-dynamic – 3
Painting is “trying to be correct” rather than pushing what’s there further – 4
Colors are decent, nowhere is crisp or detailed enough, no payoff anywhere – 5
People crowding the edges and no clear focal point was decided – 6


YES | Colombian Countryside

1 – Liberties taken with shapes, trying to make big simple continuous shapes
2 – Color is trying to be as realistic as possible on simple shapes
3 – Texture detail focused on the focal points, trees and near grass.
4 – Shapes of distant trees and clouds dramatically and purposefully simplified
5 – Hours spent layering subtle color gradients to add richness.
6 – Fence posts, rocks shrubs and other elements edited that didn’t serve image.


Survivor | No

Classic bad concept art, all poorly hand painted with no good reference – 1
Lit skin tones too bright on face and too dark in shadows – 2
No shapes crisply or sexily designed, everything labored and clumsy – 3
Hair highlights are made up with no real reference – 4
Shirt opening is off to the side, bandage doesn’t wrap around arm properly – 5
No clear sense of materials, pants and jacket are same texture – 6


YES | Future Scientist

1 – Pose grabbed from a solid photo and feel accurate and real
2 – Design is unique and materials are clear and readable (photo composited)
3 – Lighting is consistent and feels photographic.
4 – Face is painted slightly to match image, but mostly photo referenced (YES!)
5 – Cool pose with added bonus “science flashlight” not in brief.
6 – Consistency of texture all over image, everything at same level of finish.